Our Story

There are no words to describe my love for make up. Obsessed may be a start but probably not strong enough.

One of my first jobs out of high school was doing make up for glamor photos. You know the ones. Sultry eyes and pouty lips. Feather boas and a very "soft" focus. Select your package and pick up in 5 to 7 days. Those are the ones.

Let me clarify this was self taught. We didn't have make up tutorials we could watch online. Hell there was no online. It was the 90s. The entire era was one big trend jumping event.

We bounced from bright blue and hot pink eyeshadow (literally came in a compact) to the smoky eye. From frosted lips to the overly glossy lip that caught your hair more than it did attention.

I loved it all. I wasn't big on applying it to MYSELF but let me loose in the mall photo studio and I was all in.

Before the "not to be named event of 2020" hit, I was in full make up almost daily for work. Loving every minute. Even though I'm now accustomed to the majority of my days as bare faced, when its time to doll up, honey I will contour into an entirely different person.

I built an arsenal of cosmetics. Cabinets and drawers. Stock piling and using everything new, even if just to test it for my friends.

I. Love. Makeup.

Other than practically hoarding it, there was no real hobby or benefit to my obsession. It wasn't an outlet or a way to create a following on videos. I wasn't interested in an MLM version of selling it. I really just loved it and that was that.

For the time being. I had no idea what was about to happen.

We all know about 2020 and how our worlds turned upside down. What I didn't expect was to be locked down with 9 opossums and the number to continue growing.

You read that correctly. O-poss-ums. Nine.

I had to learn to first, keep them alive. Next keep myself alive. Finally figure out what to do with them since more and more kept being found.

I did the "logical" thing. I took them all in, became a wildlife rehabber and decided that I was now the Opossum Queen.

Obviously this plan had a few...flaws. One being, I couldn't actually KEEP them all and another - it is ALL SELF FUNDED FOLKS!!!!

Every single dime. How do rehabbers do this?

How can anyone continue to provide for these babies when every single thing they touch is expensive.

Considering the food and supplements, they literally poop money. They live in expensive little enclosures with all sorts of doo-dads for enrichment.

Don't get me started on the idea that they eat "trash". That is total garbage. Pun most definitely intended.

I walked around fingers crossed I didn't need veterinary help because that TOO is out of pocket.

I was already too in love with the little trash cats to give up. If I had to sell my organs I would consider it. Although I would run out of them fairly quickly.

When starting a business one of the first things a coach tells you is do a "quick start". Sell everything you don't need to get some immediate cash flow. What the heck was I supposed to sell and not run out of before they were releasable.

The only things I had an abundance of were my husbands fishing lures (not that I have not considered it), my Adidas collection (don't even think about it) and my make up.

I couldn't sell my make up! That just sounded ridiculous.

Selling my make up...OH MY GAWD I COULD F@#&ING SELL MAKE UP!!!!

This isn't even the first off the wall idea I had and kicked off. (Trash Cat Coffee enters the chat)

How would this work? What would I call it? What would the esthetic be?


Obviously I needed to do a lot of research and test a lot of products. No one was twisting my arm for that part for sure.

Trash Cat Cosmetics was easy to come up with considering I had already launched Trash Cat Coffee (hint hint, check them out too).

Name, done!

Next came the branding. Obviously the reason for launching it is to support opossums so that had to be there.

But what does that have to do with make up? A girly 'possum was a start, but not really "doing it for me".

Then I looked up and saw the photo of my Two Mama (aka maternal grandmother).

She was posing in a two piece swim suit and heels for her navy man.

A pin up perfect picture.

One of my favorite songs of all time (yes I am a TRUE Britney Spears fan but still musically diverse folks) is Possum Kingdom by the Toadies. That song was stuck in my head at this very moment too. (which isn't hard with 'possums literally EVERYWHERE)

"I'm not gonna lie, I want you for mine"...."my flesh and blood"....the lyrics just a buzzin.

Possums. Pin ups. Rockabilly. Bumper bangs and bandanas.

That's was it.

That was the theme.

Folks, the plan was in motion.

Curate a line of cosmetics that was clean, cruelty-free and TRASHY!

Fast forward, yes way forward because testing took ages and a crap ton of my own money to nail down, (time and funds WELL spent)...Trash Cat Cosmetics was born.

So when I tell you to "treat yo self" for a good cause, it really is.

Transform into someone new every day if you like.

Rockabilly, 50's pin up, 40's glam, gothabilly or stylishly chic.

Hell, why not a little trashy?

We don't hiss and tell.



Mission Statement

Trash Cat Cosmetic's reason for existence is to provide cruelty-free products that enhance your beautifully trashy style while supporting the beauty of wildlife.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to make Trash Cat Cosmetics a household name for animal and cosmetics loving beauties so that we can support the rehabbers across the United States. 

Value Statement

We are unapologetically passionate about providing a clean, cruelty-free, vegan product that embodies your sassy side and gives peace of mind while consciously supporting wildlife.